History of Venta Los Morenos

La Venta de los Morenos, known by the locals as “la Venta” lies at a crossing which gives the restaurant its special mark. The history of this restaurant begins in 1968 when Juan Moreno, the founder, an immigrant from France invested his savings in this piece of fallow land. At the time only dirt roads lead to the nearby villages and fishermen crossed over these plains. And so the restaurant was built with a small reed terrace nearly 100 meters wide without running water and electricity. The necessary water was taken out of a nearby well. The food was preserved by ice snow and the tables were lit by candles. In the beginning “La Venta” was known by the name “La Venta El Cuervo”. The first guests were peasants and workers of the region. Slowly but surely the charme of “La Venta” and the reputation of its Paella attracted the attention of more and more people.

Operating as a family run enterprise gave the restaurant a special ambiance and familiarity which has lead to the point that guests become more friends then customers. Over time the restaurant was expanded with a lot of energy and effort while the core of the restaurant the “little terrace” remained. From 1976 onward “La Venta” took on the recognizable shape and furnishing. As time went on the restaurant had to be renovated and enlarged. It’s also noteworthy that the restaurant serves as a meeting and congregation point for the region. It also plays a role in promoting and supporting new local artists like Bettyna, a famous painter of the province. The lounge of the restaurant featured many of her works until her very last days. It is therefore no surprise that various, famous celebrities like the writer Antonio Gala, the legendary Lute, Gerald Brenan, Sancho Gracia, the duet Sharpener, Van Dame and others have visited our restaurant. After the renovation “La Venta Los Morenos” we invite you to our new facilities and to get to know our dishes.